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KIT aims to improve health and ensure equitable social-economic development as much as promote intercultural cooperation with our partners worldwide. As we focus on results and empowering people our research, advice, training and education are creative, context specific and evidence-based. We are an innovative organisation with more than 100 years of experience all over the world. A global host in our very own international knowledge hub in Amsterdam.


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July, 2003
Bangladesh, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Namibia, Central Asia, Global, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Southern Asia

This publication comes out of the Gender, Citizenship and Governance programme of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Netherlands. The project aimed to develop good practice in changing governance institutions to promote gender equality, enhance citizen participation and build accountability of public administration systems. Action research projects were conducted with 16 women's organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in eight countries in Southern Africa and South Asia (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh).

Implementing organizations: 
Geographical focus: 

Support local organizations in rural areas in developing policies and practices for responsible governance of land acquisitions and investments, while capitalizing on field data trends, experiences and lessons learned regarding land management and acquisition.

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