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Community Organizations Rural Research & Development Training Center
Rural Research & Development Training Center
Rural Research & Development Training Center
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Since April 2004, the Rural Research and Development Promoting Knowledge Association has been operating under the umbrella of the Lao Union of Science and Engineering Associations (LUSEA) based namely Rural Research & Development Training Center (RRDTC).

Vision Statement       

“Sustainable and Equitable Community Development throughout Lao PDR”

RRDPA recognizes that community development in Lao PDR is not yet sustainable because of many factors including, a lack of education, financial constraints. Institutions, organizations and communities are not able to adapt and response to these, due to the lack of knowledge, resources, information and social changes.

A Social Indicators Survey is being undertaken by the Lao PDR Government, with support from a number of international organizations, as part of the plan to accelerate progress towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

The social Indicators Survey will focus on what measures the government must take to ensure the effective implantation of its policy goals. RRDPA supports this initiative and has the capacity to assist in this survey applications, and implementation.

Also, development has not been equitable because of the differing types of development that are occurring in Lao PDR. Urban development is focused on expansion of facilities and resources whereas; Rural Development is concentrated on a changing use of land. The allocation of financial and socioeconomic resources is also concentrated on urban populations rather than rural population.

Our Philosophy

Based on participatory development, we are guided by your organization’s need and the need and input of the people involved. Trainees are central to our training program. We recognize trainee’s diverse experiences working in community development and that all trainees have a lot to share and learn from each other.


” RRDPA is a non-profit association that develops capacity for rural ethnic communities to achieve MDG 1 through working in a participatory manner with government, civil society organizations and other like-minded development partners”


Our focus is on rural community development and capacity building of the Lao population from "rice roots" villagers to senior officials to help achieve the Lao National Millennium Development Goals:

  • to half poverty by 2015
  • to promote gender equality and empowerment of women
  • to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health
  • to ensure environment sustainability



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