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Spatial Collective is a social enterprise that develops innovative tools to support collective action. As the name suggests, we address issues from a Spatial perspective – exploring how trends relate through space, place and time. We support our clients by investigating issues from diverse points of view – we are concerned with the perceptions and opinions of the collective. We promote partnership-building and collective action and undertake the challenge of involving various actors from different perspectives to establish better services, projects and products and work towards a collective vision.

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April, 2018

Throughout 2017, Spatial Collective applied new technologies to the data capture element of land registration in order to test whether affordable tools for documentation of land exist, whether these tools can reach the accuracy standards required by the state, and whether communities can replicate the work of a professional surveyorTo do this, our research looked into the land demarcation process, determined whether new technologies were of quality and met national standards, and gauged the most cost-effective tools which are widely accessible to local c

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