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Sida is a government agency working on behalf of the Swedish parliament and government, with the mission to reduce poverty in the world. Through our work and in cooperation with others, we contribute to implementing Sweden’s Policy for Global Development (PGU).

We work in order to implement the Swedish development policy that will enable poor people to improve their lives. Another part of our mission is conducting reform cooperation with Eastern Europe, which is financed through a specific appropriation. The third part of our assignment is to distribute humanitarian aid to people in need of assistance.

We carry out enhanced development cooperation with a total of 33 countries  in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Our selection of cooperation countries are based on political decisions made by the Swedish government.

Sida’s mission is to allocate aid and other funding. Our operations are managed by the government’s guidelines, describing the goals for each year’s operations and the size of the development aid budget.

Our staff members and their expertise assist the government with the assessments and the information it needs, in order to decide and implement its development assistance policy. We participate in the advocacy work for Sweden’s prioritised issues within the international development cooperation field, and we are in constant dialogue with other countries and international organisations. Part of our assignment is also to report statistics and disseminate information about our operations.

Our work is financed by tax money and we administer approximately half of Sweden’s total development aid budget. The other part is channelled through the ministry for Foreign Affairs. All our work should be performed in a cost-effective way with a strong focus on results.

Sida has more than 700 employees, located in our three offices  in Sweden as well as abroad in our cooperation countries.

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Policy Papers & Briefs
September, 2009

This quick guide gives a brief over view of the challenges regarding women’s access to land, outlines what needs to be done to increase women’s access to land and provides Sida with some entr y points for supporting processes where women gain access to land

Library Resource
Reports & Research
January, 2006
Central Asia, Eastern Europe

Sida have supported a technical assistance to 1997. The fi rst stage of this assistance has been successfully completed in 2001. According to Sida’s decision from 2001-11-05 the technical assistance was extended through the project Cadastre Project – Fiscal Cadastre and Training”. gives recommendations for a possible continuation of Sida’s support. Most of the planned project activities were completed at the time for our evaluation.

Library Resource

Strategic Guidelines for Sida Support to Market-Based Rural Poverty Reduction

January, 2004

This document outlines a set of strategic guidelines for ways in which Sida can address the issue of improving the income of the rural poor more effectively in its development support.


Geographical focus: 

The program aims at strengthening food security of smallholder farmers and pastoralists' communities with improved access to agriculture services and to land. The program has two components (i) institutional support to the agriculture sector including county capacity building to pursue county and cross-county coordination and service delivery, support to intergovernmental coordination and to the transformation process within Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

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