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The World Institute for Development Economics Research began operations in 1985 in Helsinki, Finland, as the first research centre of the United Nations University.

Today it is a unique blend of think tank, research institute, and UN agency – providing a range of services from policy advice to governments as well as freely available original research coordinated by a core group of resident and non-resident researchers and undertaken by a global network of collaborators.

UNU-WIDER is funded through an endowment fund with additional contributions from Denmark, Finland, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Our mission

• To undertake research and policy analysis on the most pressing concerns affecting the living conditions of the world’s poorest people.

• To provide a forum for knowledge sharing, discussion and debate between researchers and development professionals on how to achieve equitable, gender-balanced, and environmentally sustainable policies.

• To offer capacity-building and training for research and decision makers in economics and social development 

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January, 2009

Peacebuilding in conflict-prone or post-conflict countries -- such as East Timor, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone -- aims to prevent the re-emergence or escalation of violent conflict and establish a durable peace. This volume explores and critiquesthe 'liberal' premise of contemporary peacebuilding: the promotion of democracy, market-based economic reforms and a range of other institutions associated with 'modern' states as a driving force for building peace.

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