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The University of Liege is the only public, pluralist and complete university institution of the French Walloon-Brussels community. It is a part of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy. It aims at maintaining a fair balance between teaching, research and community service activities, in the broad lines recognised by its complete university status.

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December, 2016

In the Congo Basin most of the light-demanding timber tree species display a deficit of natural regeneration which is a major handicap for sustainable production and certification. Whilst the majority of scientists investigate abiotic and biotic factors explaining that pattern, we hypothesize that tree population density or individual spatial isolation may also affect the tree fitness through inbreeding.

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Reports & Research
December, 2010

The paper aims to identify the rationality of peasant communities and their contribution to rural development in Kampong Thom province. To do so, the authors explore the dynamics of land use and land tenure, the strategies of labor force allocation as well as the determinants of land and labor agricultural productivities amongst peasant communities. The research is based on field surveys in two communes. The researchers also analysed changes based on time-series aerial photos.

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