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The mission of the University is based on scientific and artistic research and aims at sustainable development, artistic creativity and professional work as well as organization and performance of university studies and, exceptionally, occupational studies.

As a central and leading institution, the University gives special regard to carrying out the programmes of strategic interest for the Republic of Croatia and for the development of regional and local communities. All university activities enhance the development of personality and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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June, 2011
Ethiopia, Nigeria

One of the most serious problems currently affecting agricultural productivity in developing countries of the tropics, including Nigeria, is land degradation. This study assessed the farmers’ perception of the effects of land degradation on agricultural activities in Ethiopia East LGA of Delta State. A multi-stage sampling technique was used in the selection of the respondents. A total of 60 farmers were randomly selected through the use of structured interview schedule. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentage and mean statistic.

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March, 2010

One of the critical factors influencing land degradation is land use. However, the extent to which land use influences land degradation has not been fully ascertained in the southwestern part of Nigeria (i.e. particularly in Ogun State). Thus, this study was designed to assess the extent to which land use influences crop productivity in Ogun State. Two major soil types identified at the site were Alfisols and Ultisols. Within these, three land use types (LUT) were identified: arable crop - Land Use 1, cash crop production - Land Use 2, and non-agricultural use – Land Use 3.

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March, 2006

The group of indicators to establish the impact of land management measures on natural resources in the agricultural landscapes in Slovenia is discussed and identifi ed. Each chosen natural resource indicator is defi ned regarding indicator status, quality parameters of an indicator and indicator costs. The indicators are divided into two subgroups: abiotic indicators and biodiversity indicators, whereby biodiversity indicators are threatened on tree levels: genetic, species and ecosystem level.

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Journal Articles & Books
March, 2003

Present land use planning level in Slovakia is resulting from the gradual knowledge evolution from soil survey and land evaluation to the sustainable land resources exploitation modelling. Particular attention is concentrated to the quantification of sustainable land use system parameters in different pedo-ecological conditions.

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