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Community Organizations Wageningen Academic Publishers
Wageningen Academic Publishers
Wageningen Academic Publishers
Publishing Company
Phone number
(+31) 317 47 65 14


Marijkeweg 22
Postal address
Wageningen Acadmic Publishers
P.O. Box 220
6700 AE Wageningen
The Netherlands
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Wageningen Academic Publishers is a publishing company in the field of life sciences that publishes scientific journals as well as monographs, textbooks, and proceedings. The company was founded in 2002 as successor of Wageningen Pers. The company publishes books in the fields of animal, food, social, plant, and environmental sciences.



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Economics of land degradation in Niger

Peer-reviewed publication
December, 2018
Western Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

Land degradation poses daunting challenges to Niger and the country has designed several policies and strategies for combatting it. Building on work past studies, this study uses new satellite data which have higher resolution and run for longer time – thus capturing the longterm land management dynamics. This study also uses an improved cost of land degradation model which nets out benefits from land improvement as well analysing the impacts of land degradation on food and nutrition security.