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Phone number: 
+31 (0)317 486 001 / +31 (0)317 418 094


Radix, building 107
Droevendaalsesteeg 1
6708 PB Wageningen , Gelderland
Gelderland NL
Postal address: 
P.O. Box 16 6700 AA Wageningen The Netherlands
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Wageningen Plant Research (WPR) (previously known as "Plant Research International") is the largest plant research institute in The Netherlands and conducts multidisciplinary research in the fields of breeding, agronomy, genomics, bioinformatics and plant-environment interactions. Together with plant-research related chairs from Wageningen University it forms the Plant Sciences Group, which is part of Wageningen University & Research.

WPR plays an important role in many national and international biotechnology and genomics initiatives in which functional genomics research programs have been established with a key aim to identify complex genetic and biochemical mechanisms underlying quality traits.

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