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033-311-5204; 033-311-5247


Dessi , Amhara
Amhara ET
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P.O. Box 1145 
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Wollo University, drawing its norms from the exemplary community that it finds itself in, cherishes unity in diversity,

respect for others and communion with all irrespective of differences.

Wollo University envisions being one of the top five Universities in terms of outstanding quality education, research, Technology transfer, and community development services in Ethiopia by 2017 E.C/ 2025 G.C


In order to meet and exceed the quality and standard requirements of students, trainees and stakeholders, the goals of Wollo University are to:

  1. Create a competent, motivated, adaptable, and innovative workforce for the country who can contribute to poverty reduction, social and economic development through facilitating demand-driven, high quality education and training, relevant to all sectors of the economy;
  2. Promote the entrepreneurial development plans of the country through incubation centers;
  3. Offer research-led diversified programmes that are relevant to the country;
  4. Prepare trainees with the necessary theoretical knowledge, attitude and skills so that they can fit for the purpose;
  5. Undertake problem solving researches on local, national, and international issues and problems;
  6. Create national and international value adding links.

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