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Community Organizations Womanity
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Shivani Gupta
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+91 98204 26760


55 Route des Jeunes
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We work across the Global South breaking new ground for gender equality.


Gender-based violence, access to education, economic empowerment — every issue that impacts women’s access to a better life is currently under-resourced and underfunded globally. We are committed to overcoming barriers and unlocking women and girl’s potential so entire communities can thrive. We do this by incubating and funding visionary programmes in unexplored areas for transformative change.




Womanity was set up in 2005 by Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Yann Borgstedt. At that time, Yann had recently established and then sold a successful business, feeling an overwhelming need to contribute to society and challenge prevailing norms. The impetus for creating Womanity came from a profound desire to provide others with opportunities for growth and success.

While travelling through Morocco, he came in contact with an organisation dedicated to helping young girls—between the ages of 6 and 12—return to school after they had been placed by “recruiters” into domestic labour roles. This poignant experience highlighted the harsh realities these girls faced, with some ending up as street prostitutes or becoming pregnant at an age when they should have been playing and studying.

It was clear that immediate action was necessary. Yann resolved to work tirelessly to advance a world where all women and men could enjoy equal social, economic, and political rights. This focus on women’s empowerment was seen as not only just but also as a means to strengthen entire communities and foster broader societal progress.

And so, Womanity came into being, founded on the principle that supporting women and girls would have a transformative impact, creating ripple effects that benefit everyone.


Shivani Gupta