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January 2011
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According to the Prime Minister’s Decree on Land Titling, No. 88 from 03/06/2006, Communal Land Titles can be issued for all types of land that occur in the Lao PDR which are allocated by the Government to village communities. The development of community land titles is also part of objectives of the 5-year National Socio-Economic Development Plan, which aims to issue 1.5 million title deeds over the period 2011-2015. Up to now, communal land titles have not been issued in Lao PDR, mainly because the format and detailed technical concept were not yet developed.

Objectives of this SNV commissioned study are:

To develop a case study of the steps needed to assemble a communal land title deed, based on discussions with village communities

To build the capacity of the staff of the LNRRIC and of district land and agriculture offices to develop and administer communal land titles

To raise awareness at village level on the potential and options of communal land titles for sustainable participatory management of natural resources in communal land by village communities

To promote the cooperation between various responsible agencies at district level who will be responsible for the issuing and monitoring of communal land titles

To issue communal land titles, a prior in Lao PDR!

 Based on communal land title deeds, to develop innovative steps towards the certification of bamboo resources and improved prices for local communities

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