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Jan 2015 - Dec 2024

WOLTS (Women’s Land Tenure Security) is a long-term multi-country, multi-organisational land governance initiative. The project has delivered stronger evidence on threats to women’s land rights through its action-research. It has also contributed to strengthening community, civil society and local government capacity to protect women’s land rights and govern land in a participatory, inclusive and equitable way. This in turn has led to real gains in women’s land rights in project communities and beyond.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2014

The Ecuador Sustainable Forests and Coasts project aims to improve income for local communities, the project helps increase their productivity and the sale of products that depend on conservation (such as organic cocoa, vegetable ivory nuts, and crabmeat). For example: helping communities meet requirements for accessing financial incentives for conservation, such as the Forest Partner Program of the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador (MAE), which provides cash payments over 20 years for the conservation of natural forests.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2012

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This project aimed to promote and improve biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resources management in public lands, through the development of “ethno-environmental corridors”, i.e. conservation regions comprised of a mosaic of officially recognized protected areas and indigenous lands, integrating the safeguard of cultural and environmental assets with active participation of indigenous peoples.