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Women's land tenure security project (WOLTS)


01/15 - 12/24


Mokoro, Ltd.

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WOLTS (Women’s Land Tenure Security) is a long-term multi-country, multi-organisational land governance initiative. The project has delivered stronger evidence on threats to women’s land rights through its action-research. It has also contributed to strengthening community, civil society and local government capacity to protect women’s land rights and govern land in a participatory, inclusive and equitable way. This in turn has led to real gains in women’s land rights in project communities and beyond. The project has focused its action-research on gender and land relations in pastoralist communities affected by mining investments, initially in Mongolia and Tanzania. From this evidence base, and working closely with pilot communities, it has developed a Gender and Land Champions Training Programme for locally-chosen men and women to become effective and confident agents of change. In Mongolia, the project has also developed and started to roll out a set of Gender Guidelines to support local landscape development planning, in collaboration with the national land agency, ALAMGAC.