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Map of Mongolia


In the last two decades, Mongolia started a transition from a centrally planned economy to a free market economy. This change had led to ambiguous land rights, confusion over governance and increasing inequality in asset holdings, particularly for women.

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Herders Confront a Challenging New Landscape

3 April 2021

Dzuds, a weather phenomenon characterized by extreme cold, used to be unusual. Now, they’re becoming the new normal. DALANZADGAD, UMNUGOVI PROVINCE, MONGOLIA — Clouds gather in the moody winter sky, and the wind picks up. As the temperature plummets, sheep and goats turn from the pasture where…

Mongolia’s pitiless dzud

20 February 2021

Main photo: A herder collects snow to be melted down into drinking water. The dzud is a peculiar weather phenomenon unique to Mongolia in which every few years a summer drought combines with a harsh winter. Nomadic herders can only despair as piles of dead, frozen sheep and goats stack up across…

WOLTS Gender and Land Champions Training 2020

WOLTS 2020 - Gender training, blogs and more

14 December 2020

All in all, despite COVID-19, the WOLTS team have had a highly productive year. In 2020  we've been adapting, taking stock,  writing  blogs, and  concluding  our pilot 'gender and land champions' training  programme in  Mongolia  and Tanzania. Mokoro’s project partners – People Centered…



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WOLTS Gender Guidelines - Mokoro, PCC and ALAMGAC Land Use Planning Collaboration

Gender guidelines to be distributed in all 330 districts of Mongolia

30 March 2021

  Pilot study supports national roll-out of participatory land use planning   Sound, sustainable land management is critical to the long-term viability of Mongolia’s traditional herding way of life. And careful planning at local level, in a participatory and gender-inclusive way, is needed to…

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Women and Community Land Rights: Investing in Local Champions

Women and Community Land Rights: Investing in Local Champions

Women’s Land Tenure Security (WOLTS) is a practical action-research project on gender and land, led by development consultants Mokoro. For more than five years WOLTS has collaborated with local partners People Centered Conservation (PCC) in Mongolia and HakiMadini in Tanzania, investigating the…