VGGT based forest tenure and CBF assessments - Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Honduras, Mongolia, Portugal, Senegal, Zambia | Land Portal
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David Egiashvili, FAO, +39 0657052322 <>

VGGT based forest tenure and CBF assessments conducted in each of the countries. In Gabon and Congo Brazzaville the assessments will inform Ministry of Forests on status and challenges of CBF, and recommendations for improvement. In Honduras and Senegal, the assessments will be used to inform on-going forestry programs and design of new projects. In Mongolia, the assessment will be used to promote implementation of the VGGT and inform the pasture law being drafted. In Portugal, the findings are being used to promote policy dialogue on communal forest land tenure and management. In Zambia the assessments will inform the on-going FAO Technical Cooperation Program on Sustainable Forest and Woodland Management for Food and Nutrition Security in Western Province of Zambia.

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