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Land has played a critical role in Tanzania’s historic trajectory. Current land tenure frameworks, resource governance, and related conflicts are closely intertwined with current neoliberal policies and land accumulation by foreign companies and domestic elites as well as dynamics of the (pre-)colonial period.
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Tanzania: How Maasai Women Are Resisting Land Grabs

26 August 2022

In Mwanza, Tanzania, Nairukoki Leyian-Naisinyai tells me that here, "Corporations come with papers from the government claiming that they have the right to our land." She points to the large corporations that have entered the lands of the Maasai people to mine rubies and tanzanite. The Maasai can…

Maasai market,Tanzania, photo by Thomas Boutreux,2016,License,CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Dubai royal family driving out thousands of Maasai to oblige rich foreign hunters

25 August 2022

Maasai are being evicted from a Tanzanian wildlife paradise to make way for neocolonial land grabs by the Dubai royal family. The reason? The right to hunt unhindered for the next 30 years. Indigenous Maasai, widely acknowledged as exceptional wildlife conservationists, are being dispossessed of…

Statement from the Maasai Community in Loliondo, Tanzania Presented at the United Nations CBD Negotiations

24 June 2022

International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (Nairobi) How could it be that we possessed and protected this land for millennia and this sacred link is in danger of disappearing from Tanzania's history in merely 60 years? We, the Maasai community have been the ascendant peoples of the Serengeti…



Tanzania is seen as “East Africa’s food forte” and its rich natural resources as well as its policy drive towards commercial agriculture attract land-related investments, such as in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT)

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Ngorongoro Evictions a Bad Idea: People and Nature Can Coexist

11 June 2022

Lucas Yamat and Pablo Manzano The future of Ngorongoro has been the subject of hot debate among various stakeholders following a proposal by the government of Tanzania to relocate pastoralists from the district in order to conserve this important World Heritage site. The proposal is based on claims…

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Women and Community Land Rights: Investing in Local Champions

Women and Community Land Rights: Investing in Local Champions

  Women’s Land Tenure Security (WOLTS) is a practical action-research project on gender and land, led by development consultants Mokoro. For more than five years WOLTS has collaborated with local partners People Centered Conservation (PCC) in Mongolia and HakiMadini in Tanzania, investigating the…