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During 20 years of experience, Dina has got the opportunity to experience several fields of work related to land administration and cadastral systems on local, national, and international levels. She has acquired a comprehensive view of planning and understanding of principles relevant to land administration and implementation procedures including administrative systems and challenges through her participation with international partners. Her regional focus on Arab states and MENA region as a project manager and global land consultant had enhanced her awareness to resource utilization and diversity of development approaches on land administration and geospatial technology, construction projects; improvements for developing communities, pro-poor, gender-appropriate approaches. Her research work is closely related to sustainable land tools including policy frameworks and guidelines aiming to address emerging needs and challenges in the Arab region for sustainable land governance.

Dina holds a master's degree in sustainable urban development from Cairo University and she is a Ph.D. candidate in Sustainable Urban and Community development in Cairo University. She participated as an author/ co-author for publications at international conferences and global organizations and had been a speaker at international conferences, seminars and online webinars. 



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