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Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation consultant with more than 10 years of experience with international development organisations, with a special focus on land issues. Enthusiastic facilitator with a graphic touch.

Planned and developed multiyear budgets of about 8 million USD a year and related activities, wrote successful funding proposals, reports to donors, structured and presented annual reports. specific expertise of international multi-stakeholder global action networks.

Developed and managed the updated Monitoring and Evaluation system for the International Land Coalition. Designed monitoring tools and coordinated and developed an online platform built around the M&E System to ensure accountability and promote learning across the network.

Proven ability to manage high-level relations with governments, multilateral and civil society organisations. Liaising with more than 200 members of the ILC, active in more than 60 countries, managing membership relations, the triennial expansion and monitoring its vibrancy and interaction.

Master’s degree in Development Economics with a thesis on the Latin American debt crises of the late nineties.

Fluent in German, Italian, English and Spanish and sufficient knowledge of French. 

Topics and Regions


Monitoring and Evaluation
International Land Coalition (ILC)
Via Paolo di Dono 44
00142 Rome

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