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I.P.A. Manning, The Landsafe Socioecological Development Model for the Customary Commons of Zambia: Evolution and Formalization, 52 Nat. Resources J. 195 (2012). 

Available at: http://digitalrepository.unm.edu/nrj/vol52/iss1/7

Landsafe…will enable a chiefdom to operate securely as a functioning customary commons in which the land is sacrosanct.  Second, it will guarantee usufructs rights of both men and women. Third, it will support collective land-use agreements over common–access rights. Fourth, it will allow for exploitation of renewable natural resources and mineral mining only under co-management agreement land vested by the customary authority. Finally, it will place investors, foreign aid, and NGOs under the control of a land-use plan and a properly institutionalised customary commons. 

*This article mistakenly stated that Zambia's customary area amounted to 94% of the country. This figure had included the 20% made up of the public commons i.e. protected areas.

Ian Manning is a former member of the Zambian Game Department in the years 1966-67 (senior cropping ranger on the Luangwa elephant cropping scheme), 1973-1976 (Officer-in-Charge/biologist of the new Bangweulu Command), and 1988-1989 (instigator and project manager of the Black Rhino Project - a failed attempt to save them from extinction). From 2002-2010 he attempted to implement his Landsafe framework for customary area in two chiefdoms of the Luangwa Valley.


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