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Niyati is a graduate of the Master of Development Practice program from the University of Waterloo, Canada. She has an interest in studying systems of production and consumption - with a particular fascination of food systems - and identifying areas of intervention where prevailing systems can be made more environmentally and socially sustainable and just. She recently interned with ANANDI in Gujarat where she documented the early beginnings of a women-led collective farming venture. At ANANDI, she also studied and documented the state of forest rights claims in a few villages of Dahod and Panchmahaals of eastern Gujarat based on interactions with claimant villagers, local administrative staff and ANANDI team members. Previously, Niyati also interned with Odisha-based food sovereignty organization Living Farms, where she had the opportunity to learn about the nutritional security related to traditional millet-based mixed farming and forest-based food systems, and the value of local traditional knowledge (of the local Kondh community) for food sovereignty. Niyati has also contributed articles to Food Tank: The Food Think Tank and engaged living web-magazine The Mindful Word.



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