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Rauri Alcock is the Director of Mdukatshani Rural Development Project. He has a lifetime of experience in the Weenen area. Mdukatshani was established in 1975 is a non-profit, Non Governmental Orginisation(NGO) based in Weenen/Msinga area of KwaZulu Natal.

Mdukatshani runs a range of programmes with a focus on:

  • Prioritizing women-owned livestock and income-generating activities in order to create wealth for the poorest
  • a Goat Agribusiness pilot Project across the poorest rural municipalities in Kwazulu/Natal that seeks to increase productivity in  small African goat herds. This involves a four way partnership with the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the National Department of Rural Development and Land Affairs


  • A Chicken Vaccination and Productivity program that supports learning and production improvement among household chicken farmers in over 3000 homes in the Msinga area. This improves food security in these homes and supplements incomes through local sales of these chickens.
  • Training and supporting Community Animal Health Workers (CAHW) who are young people who will support farmers in health and production support of their livestock. This creates work opportunities for young people in agriculture and help women headed household owners of stock improve their productivity.




South Africa

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