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12 February 2019
Sierra Leone

Millions of peasant farmers in the rural areas of Sierra Leone do not own land of their own but have to rent from land owning families. Added to their poverty is the fact that they depend on Shylock money lenders to secure seeds and capital for their farming activities.

At the end of the day, their harvests are not only meagre but most it goes to paying debt and interest that are trapping them in a vicious circle of poverty, which when looked at closely are responsible for the majority of youths abandoning the countryside for life in the city.

25 January 2019
Sri Lanka

Thousands of people were killed and tens of thousands uprooted from their homes in the war, which ended in 2009

BANGKOK, Jan 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - More than 100 Sri Lankan Tamil families demanding the return of their land nearly 10 years after the end of a civil war, plan to occupy their former homes on Saturday if the government does not hand over the properties as agreed.

Residents of Keppapulavu village in northern Mullaitivu have campaigned for nearly two years for the return of their land, in what activists said is the country's longest roadside protest.





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