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The data is provided by Global Forest Watch (GFW), but a compilation of concession data from varios contries and sources. Detailed copyright information can be derived in the Global Forest Watch Open Data Portal:

Mining concessions

“Mining concession” refers to an area allocated by a government or other body for the extraction of minerals. The terminology for these areas varies from country to country. “Concession” is used as a general term for licenses, permits, or other contracts that confer rights to private companies to manage and extract minerals from public lands; terminology varies at the national level, however, and includes mineral or mining "permits," "tenures," "licenses," and other terms.

This data set displays mining concessions as a single layer assembled by aggregating concession data for multiple countries. The data may come from government agencies, NGOs, or other organizations and varies by date and data sources. For more information on concession data for each country please visit the Global Forest Watch Open Data Portal.


“Mining concessions.” Accessed through Global Forest Watch on 28/07/2020.

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