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Institutional & promotional materials
September 2019
Central Asia

Presentation on Economy of land degradation in the Republic of Tajikistan (Fayzabad district), delivered during CACIP Regional consultation meeting which was held in Dushanbe Tajikistan on the 27th of September 2019.

Conference Papers & Reports
May 2006
Syrian Arab Republic
Western Asia

In the Mediterranean mountain areas of NW Syria, land degradation is a serious problem (Masri et al, 2005). Olive orchards dominate the landscape in Afrin area, and olive oil represents the most important cash income source for rural communities in this area. However, olive yields in many orchards have been decreasing steadily over the last 20 years.

Conference Papers & Reports
July 2016
Northern Africa

The overall aim of the project is to identify physical and institutional interventions to improve water management using an integrated approach across scales (from farm to main canal levels) and encompassing water quantity–quality interactions. The project’s geographical focus is the Nile Delta in Egypt.

Institutional & promotional materials
June 2019
Western Asia

The objective of this study was to model and analyze the influence Vallerani rainwater
harvesting (RWH) structures have on the soil moisture dynamics in the Jordanian Badia
and to test viability of these structures when influenced by climate change. HYDRUS-2D
was used for the modelling. A three-month fieldwork was performed to set up and

Institutional & promotional materials
September 2013
Eastern Africa

Ethiopia has great agricultural potential as it has vast area of fertile land, diverse climate, sufficient annual rainfall, & abundant labor force. However, the current performance of agric.

Institutional & promotional materials
September 2017
Northern Africa

Presentation on the Statistic Summaries of SLM Options by Context in the WebGIS sub-tool of Geoinformatics Options by Contexts (GeOC).

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