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Map of Bhutan


Bhutan is a small landlocked country sandwiched between the two economic powerhouses of India and China. It covers 38,394km2, which is slightly smaller than Switzerland. In 2020, the population stood at 771,612, and even though this figure has tripled since 1960, it is still less than 10% the population of present-day Switzerland. Geographically, the country comprises foothills and high mountainous terrain in the eastern Himalayas. Administratively, it is split into twenty dzongkhag (districts).
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Khamdang-Ramjar MP sentenced to five years in prison

14 August 2021

Khamdang-Ramjar Member of Parliament (MP) Kuenga Loday has been sentenced to five years in prison by the Trashiyangtse dzongkhag court yesterday for illegal construction of a road in a restricted area. The court also sentenced his brother, the Khamdang Mangmi, Sangay Tempa to four years and three…

Land price in Thimphu touch Nu 1 million a decimal (40.47 sqm)

2 August 2021

Many look beyond the city for land Short of money to renovate her ancestral house in Punakha, a villager in Babesa sold 50 decimals of her wetland. With Nu 3,000 a decimal, it was a good deal in 1996 when construction  on wet land was not allowed. The land, which a Thimphu hotelier bought then had…

Why Bhutan's Sakteng wildlife sanctuary is disputed by China

25 November 2020

Sandwiched between China and India, the tiny Himalayan nation of Bhutan is feeling the squeeze as its giant neighbours square up for supremacy. A close ally of India, Bhutan got a shock when China made sudden new claims in the summer - over a wildlife sanctuary in the east of the country, on land…



Land is often registered in the names of women, however, decisions about land may remain with male members of the household

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China’s Land Grab in Bhutan Is the New Face of War

17 May 2021

Article written by Hal Brands and originally published by Bloomberg at: (Photo: Buddha at the border. Photographer: Arun Sankar/AFP/Getty Images)   The Pax Americana made outright invasions too…