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Naturally regenerated forest of native species (1'000 Ha), where there are no clearly visible indications of human activities and the ecological processes are not significantly disturbed.

Measurement unit: 
1'000 Ha

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15 January 2017
New Zealand

Indigenous battles to defend nature have taken to the streets, leading to powerful mobilizations like the gathering at Standing Rock. They have also taken to the courts, through the development of innovative legal ways of protecting nature. In Ecuador, Bolivia and New Zealand, indigenous activism has helped spur the creation of a novel legal phenomenon -- the idea that nature itself can have rights.

3 February 2017

By: Linda Farthing 

Date: 1 February 2017

Source: Earth Island Journal

As Lake Poopó vanishes, depleted by water diversions and warming temperatures, it leaves behind an uncertain future for Indigenous Urus






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Practical Action is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries.

We find out what people are doing and help them to do it better. Through technology we enable poor communities to build on their skills and knowledge to produce sustainable and practical solutions- transforming their lives forever and protecting the world around them.

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