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O Norte de África (Norte da África, Norte d'África, África do Norte, África setentrional ou África branca (por oposição à África Negra)) compreende os países localizados no norte do continente africano, junto ao Mediterrâneo, nomeadamente Marrocos, Tunísia, Argélia, Líbia e Egito. No entanto, o Departamento de Estatísticas da ONU inclui nesta sub-região o Saara Ocidental e o Sudão (Wikipedia).

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8 March 2019
Northern Africa

KASSERINE/TUNISIA: Souad Gharsalli lives in a rented flat in the center of Kasserine, in western Tunisia, baking and selling artisanal bread to make money. But she should be growing olive trees for a living, she says.




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The mission of FAO in the Near East and North Africa is to achieve sustainable food security for all and to help vulnerable communities cope with and recover from shocks and crises.

To do this, FAO helps Member States work toward sustainable increases in agriculture production, minimize depletion and degradation of already scarce natural resources, boost rural development and reduce food loss and waste.

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