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Land Area
3,541,000 ha
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Taiwan's first settlers step up fight for land rights

8 June 2018

"We are the original inhabitants of this island...this regulation denies us what is rightfully ours" TAIPEI - Taipei's Peace Memorial Park is an oasis of calm in the bustling city, home to morning walkers and lunchtime strollers - along with a camp of indigenous protesters demanding justice. For…

Aborigines decry ‘failed’ rights promise

2 August 2017

Aboriginal rights campaigners yesterday condemned the government for having not carried out a promise to reinstate traditional Aboriginal territories, and they demanded that an independent agency be established to restore Aboriginal rights to land and transitional justice. President Tsai Ing-wen …

Community Land Rights Prevent the Climate Crisis and Protect the Earth

12 April 2017

Indigenous Peoples and community advocates in Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Taiwan, and 21 other countries to take action for community land rights, April 22-29 (Earth Day) WASHINGTON - Research shows that Indigenous Peoples and local communities are the best guardians of their customary lands and…

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How Land Reform Shaped Asia’s Tiger Economies

By Roy Prosterman Asia’s Tigers, the collection of booming economies that emerged in the East following World War II, are often hailed as economic miracles. There was, though, no “secret sauce” behind that sustained and broad-based economic growth. Rather, as Myanmar is poised to show, the key…