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Hema Swaminathan, Chair & Associate Professo, Centre for Public Policy, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

“Participating in the webinar was very useful in terms of distilling my own thoughts and more importantly, for the connection it provided with other participants. I learnt immensely from their experiences and perspectives. I use the Land Portal to keep myself updated on what is new and happening in this domain. It provides a quick snapshot of key developments in the area. I would recommend Land Portal to colleagues.”


Hema Swaminathan
Chair & Associate Professor
Centre for Public Policy
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore




Sam Szoke-Burke, Legal Researcher, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

“In collaborating with the Land Portal, whether on webinars about indigenous rights and climate change or on online forums concerning land investment transparency, I’ve always appreciated the breadth and depth of the audiences and actors the site reaches. The land portal’s ever growing library of resources is also an important aide for CCSI, and features regularly in our strategic approaches to dissemination. I regularly share links to the Land Portal and believe it is a helpful place to refer contacts, both experienced and new to the field.”

Sam Szoke-Burke
Legal Researcher
Columbia Center on
Sustainable Investment




Govind Kelkar, Senior Advisor, Landesa

“The Land Portal webinar  and related discussions on women's land rights in India gave me  some crucial inputs for further analysis and need for  data  to be collected on this subject, which helped me to conceptualise the land rights question in the economic justice framework. I would recommend such webinars and research sharing workshops to be taken by Land Portal in future and for Land Portal itself to be engaging with policy- and action -oriented researchers  on a regular basis in the  the near future. It should not be treated as a one time activity, as this subject is generating interest in both policy and civil society circles."

Govind Kelkar
Senior Advisor




Pranab Choudhury Vice President Center for Land Governance  NR Management Consultants India Pvt. Ltd.

Association with Land Portal helped me understand the imperative and nuances of information management for transforming land governance and tenure security. Our partnership has led not only to create a window of India’s land information before the world, but also enabled a better appreciation of India’s land information ecosystem. Importantly, our efforts of connecting the information and actors and arguments for open data, have already started generating good responses, and we look forward to impacting the open land information ecosystem substantially together."

Pranab Choudhury
Vice President
Center for Land Governance
NR Management Consultants India Pvt. Ltd.




Lorenzo Cotula, Principal Researcher, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

“Impressive public outreach, and a great, dedicated team, make Land Portal a natural partner for any communication work on land governance.”

Lorenzo Cotula
Principal Researcher
International Institute for Environment
and Development (IIED)




Mary Maneno, Senior Regional Officer, Transparency International Kenya (TI Kenya)

“The Land Portal has improved the quality of our work in the sense that it has provided us with opportunities for knowledge exchange on various key thematic areas and networking, through collaboration with partners from various jurisdictions, including local, regional and international arenas. I would recommend the Land Portal as being instrumental in assisting stakeholders in disseminating land governance data and information with a view to enhancing access to information.”

Mary Maneno
Senior Regional Officer
Transparency International Kenya
(TI Kenya) 




Pinaki Halder, National Director of Programs, India Landesa

“I would recommend Land Portal as a great knowledge sharing and learning platform on specific land related issues that challenges the community in general to exercise their right to use land for escaping poverty.”

Pinaki Halder
National Director of Programs, India




Narayana Gatty, Professor, Azim Premji University

“We have found Land Portal website extremely useful to keep ourselves updated on land related developments across the globe. Resources and data set made available by Land Portal help us immensely in teaching academic courses on land, especially to examine from a global perspective some of the local and national issues in the land sector. Discussions around topics such as land and corruption have been found to be useful for our other courses on governance and development as well. I often advise students and young researchers who approach me for research ideas on land-related topics to visit Land Portal for leads and data.”

Narayana Gatty
Azim Premji University




Yuliya Panfil, Senior fellow and Director, New America’s Future of Property Rights program

"Land Portal has always been extremely easy to work with, professional and no nonsense. Collaboration is a breeze. With many partners in the land rights space, it takes months - even years - to go from idea to execution. With Land Portal there's no hemming and hawing, no protracted strategic discussions, they just get the job done, quickly and well. The Tech and Transparency webinar New America co-hosted with Land Portal last summer was a perfect example. I am constantly amazed with how much Land Portal can do with a small team. They are the most efficient land NGO I've ever worked with. "

Yuliya Panfil
Senior fellow and Director
New America’s Future of
Property Rights program




“It’s an excellent resource for land administration professionals and one of the very few at that.”

Anonymous respondent
2019 Land Portal survey




Dr. Soma K P, Policy Analyst and Expert on Gender and Development

“The Land portal discussion helped to create a space to bring focus to gender issues and to deepen the discourse sponsorship to substantive rights like access and control. We need more such dialogues between stakeholders to stimulate collaborative inquiry and actions.”

Dr. Soma K P
Policy Analyst and Expert
on Gender and Development




Shipra Deo, Director, Women’s Land Rights, Landesa

“It was a great experience to organize a webinar in collaboration with Land Portal. While we invested our efforts in allying with panelists, Land Portal was there helping with technical parts and outreach. Teamed together, we could hold an effective webinar on inheritance of land by women in India”.

Shipra Deo
Women’s Land Rights




Amy Coughenour Betancourt, CEO, Cadasta Foundation

“The Land Portal is an important and unique resource to those of us engaged in the land space and related sectors. It is a reliable partner when it comes to amplifying our messages to a broader network,  providing an authoritative platform for knowledge-sharing, and leading critical discussions with stakeholders. If you need information about what is happening in the land sector, Land Portal is the place to go.”


Amy Coughenour Betancourt
Cadasta Foundation




"Good source of up to date data, news and information globally, plus consolidation of global data on different thematic areas."

Anonymous respondent
2020 Land Portal survey




“The Land Portal has given me access to information that has then helped me to make good and timely decisions during interventions and implementation”


Anonymous respondent
2020 Land Portal survey