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News & Events To Mark International Open Data Day 2022 the Land Portal Announces New Call for Data Stories
To Mark International Open Data Day 2022 the Land Portal Announces New Call for Data Stories
To Mark International Open Data Day 2022 the Land Portal Announces New Call for Data Stories

One of our main goals and missions at the Land Portal is to help democratize the information landscape on land.  Our annual Data Stories Contest aims to do just this, by allowing all those using land data to be able to tell their stories in a compelling way.  

This International Open Data Day, set to take place on March 5th,  we put out a new and renewed rolling call for data stories, with submissions from the Global South being particularly encouraged.  We welcome stories in all of their stages, from a simple idea to a full-fledged story in the later stages of creation.  

More specifically, selected stories will benefit from the iterative communications support of the Land Portal, where story authors will working closely with various members of the Land Portal's team to turn stories that broach specific topics into narratives that can be captivating for wider audiences. Furthermore, selected story authors will also benefit from the technical and specialized support of the Land Portal team, in order to learn how to put together stories with strong pillars of statistical or geographical data that can then be visulized using innovative tools such as ArcGis.  Finally, selected stories will benefit from a wide and strategized promotion to the Land Portal's established community and mailing list of subscribers.  

If you  are working on land rights and want to share insights in your work or findings, please read some of the below guidelines (we have indicated which criteria are basic requirements for submission) to decide if you would like to work with us, and feel free to reach us at

About the STORY you want to tell

  • Is it linked to peoples' right to land and/or resources? (required)

  • Do you have good oversight of the topic ?

  • Is it your data/idea/concept or do you hold the rights to publish it?

  • Have  you already published something linked to or part of the story idea? 

About WHAT you want to share 

  • Narrative/intangible data on land rights and tenure (this is only applicable together with one from above and is required)  

  • Statistical data on land rights and tenure 

  • Geospatial data on land rights  and tenure 

  • Some or all of the above

About what you have already DONE 

  • You have processed the data mentioned above (required)

  • You have produced maps and figures 

  • You have pictures supporting your work and findings 

  • You have written a narrative describing the data, results and findings 

  • You have produced a ready to publish interactive story map 

Once again please send all questions, submissions and ideas to .  We look forward to hearing from you and stay tuned for more information on our data stories! 

The winners of the Land Portal Data Stories Contest 2021 have been selected.  In the end, three of the stories we received captured our attention and the Land Portal team will be working closely with each of the winning authors in the coming months to finalize and publish their stories.