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From large land acquisitions that displace communities without due compensation, to the encroachment of mining on indigenous lands, to the brunt of climate change and natural disasters, to everyday land and property deprivation by kin or state, women are typically more harshly impacted by land tenure insecurity due to discriminatory laws and lingering social bias.

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Gender, Land and Mining in Mongolia - WOLTS Mongolia Research Report No.1 - January 2018
10 January 2018
Central Asia

“Gender, Land and Mining in Mongolia” is the product of two years of rigorous field research in Mongolia in collaboration with the Mongolian NGO, People Centered Conservation (PCC). It is the first country research report by the WOLTS (Women’s Land Tenure Security) project team at Mokoro and involved repeat rounds of both quantitative and qualitative participatory fieldwork to validate results.

18 December 2017

Female farmers in Nigeria and Africa at the weekend called on leaders of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, to help them address issues of land rights. 


Chairperson, Pan African Rural Women Assembly, an umbrella body for rural farmers in Africa, Nnenna Ejim, called on the leaders to recognize the crucial roles women play in agriculture. 


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