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Community / Land projects / F.a: Achieving 5th schedule and Forest Land Rights for Tribes in Tamil Nadu

F.a: Achieving 5th schedule and Forest Land Rights for Tribes in Tamil Nadu


01/16 - 12/16


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The project aims to obtain title deed for about 9,750 forest dependent tribal families in Tamil Nadu, India under Forest Rights Act (Forest Rights Act 2006), as well as to start the new title deed search processes. As well strengthening of landless Primiti ve tribes in the plains with the financial assistance of Tribal Sub plan and Scheduled Caste Development Fund. In Tamil Nadu recognition of indigenous land rights and enforcement of the laws has been very slow process. However, in early 2016 the Supreme Co urt decision withdrawn the lower court's decision, which was halted the implementation of the Forest Rights Act in 2008 and this is very positive for the promotion of indigenous peoples' rights. The project will speed up the process for granting land title deeds, and is thus intended to protect the rights of thousands of families in the countries from which their livelihood depends. Strengthening land rights also has a positive impact on the environment as illegal land use is decreasing and the diversity of farming will be promoted. Beneficiaries on this project are tribal communities living in 17 districts in the state of Tamil Nadu. We also involve NGOs, movements, association which are supportive to the tribal rights and their development.

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