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Community / Land projects / Feed the Future Land Market Development Activity

Feed the Future Land Market Development Activity


08/12 - 10/20


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(Tajikistan): .The Feed the Future (FTF) Tajikistan Land Market Development Activity promotes the creation of a land market where farmers are able to buy, sell, and lease their agricultural land to those interested in acquiring new land. The ability to buy, sell and lease land opens Tajikistan to possibilities of economic integration with other countries of Central Asia to enhance prosperity and develop economic linkages that bolster regional connectivity and trade and strengthen the country's sovereignty and independence. With FY 2018 funds, the activity will also promote a simple and transparent land registration process with equal access and rights for men and women. To accomplish this, the activity will focus its efforts on updating Tajikistan's land policies and regulations; developing private sector service providers, such as appraisers, to support the emerging land market; simplify land registration procedures through the establishment of registration offices; and, ensure that rural farmers, particularly women, and government officials are aware of changes in land policy and the emergence of the land market. These interventions contribute to the USAID/State Department's Joint Strategic Plan Mission Objective 3.1: Promote Tajikistan's competitiveness in regional and international markets..

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