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Community / Land projects / FLC: Loliondo Pastoralist Land Rights

FLC: Loliondo Pastoralist Land Rights


02/14 - 12/15


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Tanzania Pastoralist Community forum (TPCF) is a non governmental non partisan and not profit making organization working to advance the rights of pastoralist communities in Tanzania. The advocacy is done through collective community base initiatives to re duce vulnerability and improve their livelihoods. TPCF is the main implementing agency in this project.The main objectives of the activities are: To raise community land right awareness at the project village; To facilitate conflict management in different levels; To improve community resources rights and increase access to land resources by all groups in the communitiesThe activities include; Land rights awareness trainings sessions (on village land act No.5 and 4 of 1999). This will include holding a one day consultative workshop to introduce the project to various stakeholders at the District level. Also to organise a three days land rights trainings to twenty project villages and two days training to Ward land tribunals committees; To facilitate Land con flict management and villages survey. This includes establishment of district land and housing tribunal organise inter-village meetings to facilitate village survey train on land conflict resolution Act of 2007 engage with National land use Commission and facilitate inter-village meetings to discuss villages boarders; Documentation and reports dissemination. The documentation for the process and the report will be produced to enable community understand the agreed land use plan for the purpose of reducing l and conflicts and povertyProject Administration. This includes project day to day monitoring and administration. Project monitoring will be done to ensure that the project has sustainably achieved the intended goals and objectivesThe target group in this p roject are: Village councils; village land committee; wards land tribunal; District land and housing tribunal; traditional leaders and National land Use plannning Commission.The final results of this project will be ; Sustainable Land Use Planning.Pastoral ist resource right violation is high in various parts of the country but Loliondo land rights violation has been an historical problem since the creation of the Serengeti national Park that resulted to the first pastoralist eviction in 1959 todate. Therefo re this intervention is very important now to secure pastoralist future survival in Loliondo.

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