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Community / Land projects / Improved Access to Land & Livelihood Entitlements of the marginalised tribal community in Madhya Pradesh

Improved Access to Land & Livelihood Entitlements of the marginalised tribal community in Madhya Pradesh


04/23 - 03/24


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The Tribes of Target district live in the primitive stage and far away from the mainstream of the development. Mostly , they live in the forests and are fully dependent on the forest products , herbs , wood etc for their livelihood. There are more 89 tribal blocks in MP which are under  PESA. forest villages that are home not only to tribal populations but also other traditional forest dwelling communities, Not only Adivasis, but also about 18% of other rural population is dependent upon forest resources for their livelihood. The minority status of Sahariya and other tribes as well as Dalits deprive them from getting their due land and common property rights. Most of them have no  land so  they loss their  identity and ownership of land they reside. Not only this leads to lack of identity but also creates food insecurity as there is no recognition by the Government as the residents of these  Focused  district. They are deprived of getting Jobs under MGNREGA, OPS benefits, AAY, PDS, Widow pension, Disable pension, Nutrition support to Saharia women @1000, Ladly laxmi yojana , INSIMP  which comes under the social security schemes. Socio economic status of these area  is very vulnerable. Their livelihood mainly depends on Forest and Agriculture  activity. As they belongs to remote area of the block they don’t have awareness and accessibility of deferent government services and Schemes. The lack of awareness on the Social Security Schemes by the right holders has ultimately made them vulnerable towards food insecurity and lack of livelihood options.  Unaware about the government schemes force them to live in poverty while there are number of government schemes that they can grow after the access. ·     The proposed project seeks to address the issue of land ownership among poor and Marginalized smallholder community  in proposed  Districts. Due to lack of  information/awareness on the claims process the  target group  are not fill application for IFR .. This project is proposing to influence marginalized  Community,  CSOs, local leaders in these  district to address the issues of land rights. a) capacitate women to be part of the decision making process b) linking vulnerable community with social welfare schemes c)to improve income generation d) strengthening of local self governance e) strengthening of natural resource base f) access and development of common property resource and g) exploring new livelihood options for the community are some of the proposed interventions of this project.

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