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Community / Land projects / Inuka Kenya - Ni Sisi! Movement Building

Inuka Kenya - Ni Sisi! Movement Building


03/14 - 12/14


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The proposal is based upon the first phase project ?Ni Sisi Kenya Campaign?: Integrated Communication Platform Component. In the first phase the Inuka (Rise Up!) leadership campaign mobilized and engaged a vast number of Kenyans in leadership. Utilizing a diverse array of platforms the campaign reached more than 3000000 people. Ni Sisi! (It is us! - self-belief) mobilized youth through the Peace Through Prosperity Program. The project made contact with a large number of youth within Nairobi. Over 1000 groups learnt about Ni Sisi! (It is us). The sauti yetu! (Our voice!) program provided tools for communities to engage with potential leaders. The ?Swing Vote Campaign? aimed at middle class in urban centers in Kenya was run through targeted outreaches to associations radio appearances and through digital platforms. Through the digital platform more than 30000 people were engaged and still follow the site and the FB accounts. The implementation of the new constitution continues to face challenges mainly in i) interpretation of the constitution ii) cooperation of existing bureaucracies iii) litigation challenges and iv) political challenges. There are interests that seek to retain the status quo reverse the gains or manipulate content direction and pace of re form or implementation. A number of vital more overarching reforms addressing systematic and structural conflict drivers ? a culture of impunity high unemployment land reform resettlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs) ethnic tensions weak institut ions and regional and socio-economic inequality ? are yet to be implemented.Inuka Kenya Ni SiSi! activities are embedded and are geared towards the realization of the Ni SiSi! Social Movement. To achieve this the overall programs are in line with some of the key national issues, Land economic development security corruption and leadership. To realize its potential Ni SiSi will operate under 4 program pillars:i) Transformational Social and Civic Engagement ? initiatives geared towards taking charge of the p ublic space currently dominated by political classii) Creation of collective Kenyan Identity ? activities aimed at galvanishing shared experiences hardship and diversityiii) Leadership Development ? initiative aimed at growing and recognizing local leaders hip shall be establishediv) Improved livelihood ? initiatives set out to achieve socio-economic growth and equality among all Kenyans

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