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Community / Land projects / Livelihoods in Forestry Project

Livelihoods in Forestry Project


09/18 - 11/22


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(Lebanon): .USAID and the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative NGO (LRI-NGO) established the Livelihoods in Forestry project to support sustainable forestry practices and wildfire management in economically and environmentally degraded regions of Lebanon, and to establish models for economic forestry and forest-related rural tourism. FY 2018 funds will be used to continue supporting: community-led forest protection and conservation activities in the Rachaya, North, and Shouf social and environmental corridors; the establishment of the first national forestry park in Lebanon; and the introduction of agroforestry for sustainable land management. Over the coming year, the project will plant more than 100,000 native trees, create over 300 seasonal jobs, and preserve and improve the natural and environmental conditions in more than 30 communities..