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Map of Benin


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Land Area
11,276,000 ha
3,321.6 USD

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Climate change drowning West African coastline

22 July 2022

Erosion and tidal surges are threatening fishing communities in West Africa. As a result, many people are fleeing inland — losing their livelihoods. The sea has already encroached two meters into the country's interior.      Rising sea levels threaten many fishing communities in West Africa…

Land Governance and land administration: what is needed to scale up the existing solutions

1 July 2022

The session had as its main aim to try to understand what is needed to scale up the existing solutions on improving Land Governance and/or land administration. Has been seen that the use of Fit for Purpose in several countries at the pilot level has good results. The presentation of cases was a…

Episode 3- Where do we land up on land tenure and land degradation?

14 June 2022

This episode of LandUP! addresses an emerging  body of work on the nexus between land tenure and land degradation neutrality. 



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Land Monitoring and the SDGs

Challenges and Opportunities in Monitoring Land Data for the Sustainable Development Goals

16 May 2023

Land is a finite resource, and access to it is essential for the livelihoods of individuals and communities. To ensure that access to land is secure and equitable for all, the United Nations has set the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1.4.2, which measures individuals' land tenure security, and…

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Secure land rights - learning, collaboration, and practice

HOME Fit-for-Purpose Approaches Demand driven Research       Gender   Approaches Responsible Investments      While significant global land tenure security achievements have been made over recent years, numerous challenges still remain. Advanced land management systems require a high standard…