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Community / Land projects / ORAM Zambézia Strategic Plan 2012-14

ORAM Zambézia Strategic Plan 2012-14


01/12 - 12/14


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ORAM Zambézia is one of the provincial delegations of ORAM. The provincial program in Zambézia is meant to reach: - 150 communities, directly reached know more about their legal rights linked to land, natural resources, local governance, environment and water (400.000 adults (250.000 women and 150.000 men) <(>&<)> 50.000 children and 10.000 community leaders). - 1 million people, indirectlyacquire knowledge on the above legal rights - 10 farmer associations created and trained (min. 50% women) - 12 women associationsinstalled with business plans - 30 community areas delimitation registered, including land use plans and 10 business plans - Community managed forestry concessions reduce environmental damage - 5 communities receive FIL funds with support from district farmerforum - 30 local land communities trained in natural resource management - 16 conflicts around land ownership and natural resources channelled to district governments - 10 short movies (5 min) produced on involvement of women in land and natural resources management and use.

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