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Community / Land projects / Zambia Land Alliance - Support to Strategic Plan 2009-2013

Zambia Land Alliance - Support to Strategic Plan 2009-2013


05/13 - 12/14


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Support to Zambia Land Alliance Work Plan 2013? The project is continuation to the ?Support to Zambia Land Alliance Work Plan September 2009-September 2012? which is based on the ZLA strategic plan 2009-2013. Activities to be implemented:Land rights and em powerment programmea)To promote security of customary land and sustainable land use by poor men women and youths especially in ZLA operational areasb)To promote and protect the rights of displaced and potential internally displaced persons and minority gro ups in ZLA operational areasc)To strengthen local accountability in the land administration system for the urban and rural poor in ZLA operational areasd)To advocate for appropriate and timely reforms of laws and policies pertaining to land delivery and ad ministration especially for the poor and vulnerableCommunication and networking programmea)To provide land related information in innovative and appropriate formats for use by stakeholders at local national and international levelsInstitutional development and management programmea)To review and strengthen the structures linkages and operations of the District Land Alliancesb)To improve ZLA?s governance and management effectiveness and sustainability of its organizational programmes