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23 December 2018

As Madagascar elections near, its future is up in the air, and the question of land mining and land grabs by foreign multinationals remains a key issue for Malagasy citizens.

The root cause of Madagascar's 2009 coup was the prospective sale of arable land to the South Korean company Daewoo. Investment in Madagascar land has increased significantly since then.

4 September 2017

The project is part of a cross country pilot being implemented by the LPI with support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the European Union (EU)

madagascar rice plantation
22 August 2017

(Ecofin Agency) - In an open letter sent to the president of Madagascar on August 17, the Tany group exposed its concerns about land grabbing by foreign investors in the country.

madagascar agriculture
21 August 2017

(Ecofin Agency) - Launched in 2005 with a financial support from the World Bank, Madagascar’s land reform has yielded satisfying results, the Bretton Woods institution said on its website.

madagascar rice fields
2 August 2017

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