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Introducing ILDC
The 1st ILDC organized on April 5-6, 2017, saw active participation of 150 individuals and institutions from 15 states in India, and from Netherlands, Germany and France. The vibrant panels at the Conference involved representatives from Government of India, State Governments, International Institutions, UN agencies, bilateral donors, people’s representatives, media, academia, NGOs, researchers, consultants, practitioners. The two-day event witnessed inclusive conversations and sharing of experience, knowledge and practices over eight thematic sessions, two panel discussions and a special session, apart from two interesting plenaries. The presentations and deliberation were very well received and appreciated by the attendees. They are available on the Land Portal and NRMC websites and session video clips of presentations are available on YouTube.


The second in this series of Annual Conferences expects to further this land platform to connect local and global issues, discourses and actors and also catalyze conversations around roles of technology, decentralisation and capacity with an  aim to improve land governance and land tenure security . 
Themes and Sessions of ILDC2018
Sessions and participants at ILDC will connect land conversations taking place locally and globally around topics like SDG land indicators, NDC and forest tenures, Community and indigenous rights, Women land and farmers’ rights, forest rights, right of slum dwellers, land leasing, land record creation and updating with innovative technology and institutional arrangements, urban land governance and responsible and ethical investments etc. These land-connections would contribute to increased evidences, informed alliances and strategic network building for desired policy influence, coordinated actions and more informed and ethical investments.
With 30 years of promulgation of tribal self governance act PESA and 10 years of passing of Forest Rights Act,  ILDC2018 will witness deliberations around decentralized land governance is envisaged, highlighting the need of secured tenure, community, indigenous and women land rights. With DILRMP facing inclusion, integration and updation challenges alternate, community-based survey, mapping and land record syncing options will be discussed while deliberating on how technology can make land governance inclusive and effective and also aid/improve inclusive land use planning.
Digitization of land records with a target of conclusive titling being promoted through DILRMP by Government of India has been facing challenges around community participation, gender inclusion, additional information integration and also regular record updation. There are alsoseveral challenges around managing and disseminating of multi-sectoral and diverse land information. With information and technology expanding, new options like open data standards, block chain and drone technology being started to be used in land governance.
While there have been institutional innovations and options around landright-based approaches, advocacy and field actions, institutional engagements around entrepreneurial mode have been limited in land sector.
ILDC2018 will dwell on emerging alternate, disruptive, out-of-box, community-based and private sector solutions for syncing and maintaining updated land records as well as new knowledge around open data and standards. These engagements will highlight how technology can make land governance inclusive and effective and also contribute sustainable development through enhanced information access and monitoring.


Based on the feedback of participants and the need of capacity building around land-related tools, processes and methodologies, we will organize Master Classes by experienced institutions and experts.

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