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16 August 2022
For almost three decades the ANC government failed to address the legacies of apartheid. We certainly do not expect it to rise to the challenge of ensuring a deep and transformative just transition, informed by climate justice.
9 February 2018
    On February 14th we will examine the most effective strategies to combat women’s diminishing land rights within communities. Individual titling is the most commonly accepted strategy for protecting women’s land rights, but it it is not without its problems. It can lead to increased domestic
29 August 2017
Last month, the South African Independent Electoral Commission announced in frustration that it needs USD 22.9 million to collect addresses ahead of a court-mandated deadline, a problem compounded by the fact that most townships don’t have well-marked street names.
22 August 2017
When looking to buy a home or other property in the U.S., location is typically at the top of the list—many buyers value properties with access to amenities like schools, parks, and an easy commute. But is that value shared by home buyers in developing countries? University of Illinois economist
By: Neil Hartnell Date: April 7th 2016 Source: Tribune 242 The Government has known for 15 years that land and construction costs would outpace salary/income levels, making home ownership increasingly unaffordable for a growing number of Bahamian households.
Water shortages caused by Bolivia's worst drought in 25 years have been exacerbated by booming population growth in cities, poor infrastructure and the impact of big agricultural plantations and mining projects, campaigners say. Bolivia declared a national state of emergency last week as a
By: Catherine Harry Date: January 28th 2016 Source: Phnom Penh Post As Cambodia slowly shifts away from labour-intensive agriculture, mechanised farming needs to take hold to sustain productivity.​

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