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a land dispute is a disagreement over land.

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29 October 2018

Communities made up of fugitive slave descendants have been forced from their lands and denied their rights, a situation that may only get worse under newly elected president Jair Bolsonaro.

24 October 2018

As Brazil lives through the last feverish week prior to this Sunday’s second round presidential election, reports have come in indicating an alarming increase in violent threats and attacks since the campaign’s start – occurring in both urban and rural areas.

22 October 2018

Journalist Sue Branford and social scientist Maurício Torres spent a month learning about Ferrogrão (Grainrail), one of the newest threats to the Brazilian Amazon – first meeting with government officials in Brasilia and then travelling along the proposed route, speaking to both sides in the heated debate over its construction. This the first of their reports.

22 October 2018

MANILA, Philippines — The deaths of nine sugar workers in Negros Occidental over the weekend is a sign of continuing social injustice, a land rights advocacy group that has been working with farmers on Negros island said Monday.

20 October 2018

Transparency International (TI) Kenya is sensitizing youth at the Coast on land and property rights to avert violence related to land disputes in the region.

The  organization’s Coast Senior Regional Officer, Ms. Mary  Maneno said the initiative is aimed at promoting youth land ownership rights as well as access to family and community land.

19 October 2018

The Responsible Land Policy project (RELAPU) is being implemented in the two districts


Land conflicts are expected to reduce in Teso sub region after the German government and the Lands Ministry has come in to resolve land disputes and demarcate land in Soroti and Katakwi Districts.

11 October 2018

“We arrived to La Guajira to defend our sovereignty from the corrupt who call themselves defenders of Mother Earth that only hinder the country’s progress."

A Colombian paramilitary group known as the ‘Aguilas Negras’ (Black Eagles) spread pamphlets in the northern Guajira department threatening human rights defenders and Indigenous organizations working in the region.

8 October 2018

NAKURU COUNTY, Kenya — Caroline Chepkoeh looked around her idyllic property, perched on a hilltop surrounded by green maize fields as far as the eye can see. A storm front was approaching from the north and the wind swayed the corn stalks and trees alike. The 34-year-old mother of three was bundled up in her winter coat. It’s colder here, she said, and it’s too far to school.

4 October 2018

In Brazil, indigenous and traditional communities are fighting for their land in the face of threats from big businesses, mining and environmental destruction. In some cases, the peoples' very survival is at stake.




The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) is a South Africa-based civil society organisation working throughout Africa to bring creative African solutions to the challenges posed by conflict on the continent.

The principles underpinning ACCORD’s operations are the very ideals for which humanity has striven for centuries – peaceful resolution of conflict, human rights, and good governance.
— Nelson Mandela




Focus on Land in Africa (FOLA) is an educational resource for development practitioners and policy makers that explores how land and natural resource rights affect, and are effected by, development in Africa.  Through raising awareness of these issues, FOLA aims to elevate land and natural resource rights as an urgent priority for development in Africa. 

MISSION: To contribute to improved livelihoods through offering a bridge between communities, stakeholders and policy makers in the promotion of equitable access and sustainable management of land and natural resources.

VISION: To become a centre of excellence in promoting the application of appropriate land policies, laws and management practices by empowering society through innovative and knowledge based advocacy and capacity building in Kenya and the region.

LDGI values of Integrity, Trust and Professionalism influence the way we work every day and everywhere.

swisspeace is a practice-oriented peace research institute. It analyses violent conflicts and develops strategies for their peaceful transformation.

The Land Claims Court of South Africa logo

The Land Claims Court was established in 1996.The Land Claims Court specialises in dealing with disputes that arise out of laws that underpin South Africa's land reform initiative. These include the Restitution of Land Rights Act, 1994, the Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Act, 1996 and the Extension of Security of Tenure Act, 1997. The Land Claims Court has the same status as any High Court. Any appeal against a decision of the Land Claims Court lies with the Supreme Court of Appeal, and if appropriate, to the Constitutional Court.

TransConflict undertakes conflict transformation projects and research.

It is TransConflict’s assertion that the successful transformation of conflict requires a multi-dimensional approach that engages with and aims at transforming the very interests, relationships, discourses and structures that underpin and fuel outbreaks of low- and high-intensity violence.

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