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Keynote Speech by Frances Cleaver at the IoS Fair Transitions - LANDac Conference & Summit

04 July 2024
Frances Cleaver

I would like to make an argument that in aiming to deepen social justice in green transformations, we should pay renewed attention to the institutions of collective action at a very local level. I'm talking about peasant associations, irrigation groups, women's groups, indigenous people’s groups, producer associations, the local committees that manage land, water, forests.

Webinar Recap: Land Tenure Security Revisited

21 December 2022
Wytske Chamberlain - van der Werf

Strengthening tenure security is often considered a precondition to improved livelihoods, resilience, and sustainable resource use. Interventions from the LAND-at-scale program, which is funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), employ a range of methods for achieving tenure security, such as improving land mapping and registration systems. 

Governing land for the future: What (r)evolutions do we need?

23 June 2022


The 13th Annual LANDac Annual Conference is taking place in person next week in Utrecht, Netherlands, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. All the conference sessions will also be accessible online to registered participants. LANDac brings together land governance stakeholders from around the world who might not otherwise meet, including academic researchers, the private, civil society, and policy makers.

What’s Love Got to do With It? The Voluntary Guidelines on Tenure, Ten Years Later

14 January 2022
Dr. Gregory Myers
Dr. Jolyne Sanjak

Almost ten years ago, global donors who were focused on the role of land and property rights in promoting economic growth, mitigating food insecurity, and addressing climate change issues, came together in a United Nations (UN) body to negotiate an international agreement for voluntary guidelines to strengthen and secure land rights.

Closing Session of the LANDac Conference 2021: Land, Crisis and Resilience

06 July 2021

After three days of intense discussion covering the breadth of land governance issues focusing on the theme of Land, Crisis and Resilience, Dr. Joanny Bélair, Postdoctoral researcher from Utrecht University and LANDac, had the unique opportunity to Chair the closing Session of the LANDac Conference 2021. Closing session panelists were Dr.