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Beyond Transparency: Meaningful and Inclusive Public Participation to Counter Land Corruption in Carbon Markets

04 June 2024
Alice Stevens
Anoukh de Soysa

In Cambodia, a recent Human Rights Watch report documents how Indigenous Chong people have faced eviction and criminal charges following the establishment of a carbon offsetting project on their lands. In Kenya, “the world’s largest soil carbon removal project”, whose credits have been used to offset the emissions of global corporations including Meta and Netflix, has been accused of dispossessing Indigenous Peoples of economically and culturally significant land, and reducing the climate resilience of thousands of people. 

The historical roots of the Land Portal

15 May 2024
Paolo Groppo

In the early 1990s, in 1993 to be precise, perhaps wanting to emulate the concept of the "End of History" promoted by Francis Fukuyama, the U.S. government, thinking that with the dissolution of the Soviet Union the agrarian issue was disappearing from the international agenda, requested the FAO to eliminate the Agrarian Reform Service, of which I was a member.

Webinar Recap: the Digitization of Land Records: A Panacea for Land Conflicts

05 March 2024

Organized by the Cadasta Foundation,  Land Conflict Watch,  the Land Portal Foundation, National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) of India, and NRMC Center for Land Governance, the webinar "The Digitization of Land Records: A Panacea for Land Conflicts" provided an in-depth look at the critical role digitization of land records plays in addressing land disputes in India.

Exploring the Implications of Supreme Court Ruling on 72,000 Acres of Prime Land in Ghana's Capital: An Analysis of Land Tenure Security

14 December 2023
James Twumasi Appiah

Ensuring secure land tenure is crucial for improving land development, as both local and foreign investors often hesitate to engage in land transactions when there is uncertainty about ownership rights. The term "Land Tenure Insecurity" refers to the apprehension that someone else might claim ownership of the purchased land in the future, creating a significant risk for investment. This phenomenon is particularly common in the Sub-Saharan African Region of which Ghana is no exception. The positive impact of land tenure security is far-reaching.

Unleashing the Data Revolution: Empowering Land Governance through Open Metadata

25 July 2023
Charl-Thom Bayer
Laura Meggiolaro

In the ever-evolving landscape of land governance, harnessing the power of data and information is essential to promote transparency, inclusivity, and sustainable development. A new publication titled "The Role of Metadata and Open Data in the Innovation Cycle of Land Administration" puts the spotlight on this dynamic domain.

Tracking the State of Land Information

05 July 2023
Charl-Thom Bayer

At the Land Portal Foundation, we advocate for open land data and recognize the importance of land data in driving progress in support of sustainable development. We aim to engage stakeholders and develop supportive measures to advocate for the increased accessibility of land information and support capacity building in this regard. The current challenge we face is the inaccessibility of poorly managed land data, often limited to localized sources and overshadowed by information from large organizations.

Towards a Global Land Agenda: Shaping the Future of Land Governance

04 July 2023
Ward Anseeuw

In a world grappling with numerous challenges related to climate change, socio-economic issues, and migration, the significance of land cannot be overstated. Land is not just a concern for the land community but for all communities, as it holds the potential to address critical global issues. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach to land governance, a global land agenda is being proposed. This blog explores the origins, objectives, and actions required to pave the way for effective land governance on a global scale.

Enhancing Access to Land Data: The SOLIndex and Open Up Guide

31 May 2023
Charl-Thom Bayer

As an advocate for open land data, the Land Portal Foundation aims to improve access to land data, engage stakeholders, and support actions that promote data openness. I recently had the opportunity to introduce the State of Land Information Index (SOLIndex) and talk about the Open Up Guide at the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) Partners’ Meeting in Nairobi and show how these tools play a vital role in improving access to land information.

Improving Access to Open Land Data: The Role of the Land Portal and Global Data Barometer

02 May 2023
Laura Meggiolaro

During the UN World Data Forum 2023 in Hangzhou, China, I had the opportunity to participate in the Global Data Barometer Measuring the state of data for public good and the achievement of the SDGs, which the Land Portal Foundation organized together with the Open Government Partnership (OGP), the Open Contracting Partnership, and Open Data Watch (ODW).