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10 July 2023
"They come here promising us everything," said one affected Ugandan. "We believed them. Now we are landless, the compensation money is gone, what fields we have left are flooded, and dust fills the air."
23 May 2023
Latest paper from the WOLTS team offers new evidence of a sustainable approach to securing land rights for women and communities 
3 April 2023
On Facebook, Instagram, moderation is effective, content monitored. The user can still find diamonds for sale. The origin of these stones remains difficult to prove. Normally, the Kimberley Process allows for solid certifications, avoiding the circulation of blood diamonds. But our investigation
23 March 2023
Al Jazeera infiltrates large gold-smuggling rings and reveals a giant money laundering scheme in which  billions of dollars’ worth of gold is smuggled every month from Zimbabwe to Dubai, allowing criminals to whitewash dirty money through a web of shell companies, fake invoices and paid-off
9 March 2023
Environmental activists say the EACOP pipeline will damage Uganda’s iconic fragile ecosystem and the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people.
7 February 2023
The onslaught of illegal miners into Indigenous territory in the Brazilian Amazon has destroyed forest, polluted rivers, and brought disease and malnutrition to the Yanomami people. Now, the new Brazilian government is confronting a health crisis and moving to evict the miners.
25 January 2023
In response to allegations of companies polluting rivers, the Liberian government has conducted assessments, sometimes imposed fines, and re-affirmed its commitment to ensuring a clean and safe environment. However, its fines have always been lenient and insufficient to lead multi-million-dollar
21 January 2023
Le gouvernement a décidé, lors du conseil des ministres du 19 janvier, de suspendre à l’immédiat l’exploitation artisanale des polymétaux sur l’étendue du territoire national. Cette décision fait suite au désordre qui règne actuellement sur le site de la Société de recherche et d’exploitation
16 January 2023
  Experts call for stronger land use planning as extent of Indonesian forest lost  to coal mining is revealed
13 January 2023
What happends when protected areas contain valuable strategic mineral deposits?
11 January 2023
In December, Botswana’s Court of Appeal denied a Bushmen family the right to bury their elder, Pitseng Gaoberekwe, on his ancestral land in the Kalahari Desert, from which the community has been evicted to make way for the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR). Gaoberekwe died in December 2021 but
31 December 2022
Hundreds of opposition supporters rallied in the Armenian capital on Wednesday, urging the government to  unblock a vital road to the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

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