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Policy Papers & Briefs
January 2023

Laos plans to graduate from least developed country status by 2024. To spur economic growth,
the Lao government builds on a resource-based export economy, major mining projects, the
constructions of dams, and the expansion of plantation agriculture. A key focus is the promotion
of foreign direct investment in agriculture and forestry, to promote technology transfer for

Journal Articles & Books
March 2022
Latin America and the Caribbean
Western Asia

The ongoing use of landscape-based conflict commodities — diamonds and other minerals, timber, wildlife, etc. — to finance wars continues to evolve. The success with which such commodities can be transacted to support militaries, militias and insurgencies has led belligerents to innovate with additional commodities.

Reports & Research
May 2021

The VGGT Popular Version for Communal Land Administration was developed to support the Parliament of Namibia in delivering training to traditional authorities and regional institutions to enhance their capacity to administer communal land within their jurisdictions.

Peer-reviewed publication
February 2021
United States of America

The process of urbanization in China has been accompanied by the conflict of land expropriation, which is not conducive to social stability.

Role of Open Data in the Fight against Land Corruption
Institutional & promotional materials
February 2021

This is the presentation of Dr.  Marcello De Maria, Postdoctoral Researcher at the School of Agriculture Policy and Development at the University of Reading during the webinar on the Role of Open Data in the Fight against Land Corruption on January 28th, 2021. 

Journal Articles & Books
January 2021
Syrian Arab Republic

The impending close to the war in Syria brings to the fore the prospect of approximately 13 million forcibly displaced people considering returns to places of origin in the country.

Peer-reviewed publication
November 2020
French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Both land expropriation and eviction constitute a threat to the properties and life of local communities. In Southern Cameroon, the phenomenon has increased with the implementation of structural projects to ensure the emergence of Cameroon by 2035 and the resumption of the control of urban space by the State.

Peer-reviewed publication
July 2020
Central African Republic

In many cities and urban areas in Africa, land acquisition for urban redevelopment, land readjustment, and resettlement of affected urban residents are currently framed as innovative approaches to eradicating informal settlements, improving the living environments, and supporting the implementation of newly adopted city Master Plans.

Peer-reviewed publication
March 2020

Cameroon is currently witnessing an unprecedented wave of land-based investments, ranging from natural resources exploitation (oil, mining and gas), logging, large infrastructure building, etc. These developments happen in a context of population growth, in an increase in the domestic demand for land.

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