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urban areas

Urban areas as defined by the Census Bureau are densely-populated areas with at least 50,000 people ("urbanized areas") and densely-populated areas with 2,500 to 50,000 people ("urban clusters").

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South-Eastern Asia

This Decision approves the master plan on the socio-economic development of Ha Tinh province.The main objectives of the plan include: agricultural, forestry and fishery development; development of water supply, irrigation and drainage systems; protection of the environment; biodiversity protection; management and protection of natural resources; prevent and control climate change, sea level ris

Eastern Europe

This Decree lays down detailed rules regarding the subject and content of real estate registration. It specifies one by one rights and facts that must or may be registered on property records. It also specifies the categories of real estates, such as crop field, grass land, vineyard, orchard, forest, fish pond, uncultivated land, and various kind of buildings.

Eastern Europe

Article 18 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Normative monetary valuation of land shall be performed as follows: (a) urban land irrespectively of the purposeful use thereof non less than once in 5-7 years; (b) agricultural land located outside inhabited areas non less than once in 5-7 years, while non-agricultural land – non less than once in 7-10 years”.

South America

El presente Acuerdo modifica el reglamento para otorgar el bono de titulación destinado a financiar la formalización y perfeccionamiento de las escrituras de traspaso de dominio del inmueble, respecto al proceso de selección y calificación de los postulantes para el bono.

Western Africa

La présente loi fixe les règles générales de l’urbanisme, notamment le cadre de de référence du développement urbain (le cadre spatial de l’aménagement urbain, le cadre institutionnel de l’aménagement urbain, l’urbanisme intercommunal, la gestion domaniale et foncière urbaine, la vocation des espaces urbains, et l’occupation des espaces urbains et péri-urbains); les servitudes applicables en ma

Western Europe

La présente loi règle, conformément à la loi fédérale sur l'aménagement du territoire, les procédures d'élaboration, d'adoption et d'exécution des mesures cantonales et communales d'aménagement du territoire et leur application. L'aménagement du territoire vise à assurer une utilisation mesurée du sol ainsi qu'un développement harmonieux et équilibré du canton et de ses régions.

Journal Articles & Books

Este texto discute a questão das relações entre urbanização e qualidade ambiental na zona costeira. A crescente degradação dos ecossistemas costeiros é provocada pela expansão urbana desordenada, em função dos interesses do capital.

New Zealand

This Act governs the alienation, development, classification and leasing of Crown lands and is divided into 13 Parts and 2 Schedules as follows: General administration (I); Surveys (II); Purchase and development of land (III); Classification and alienation of Crown land (IV); Leases and licences (V); Advances to Crown tenants (VI); Acquisition of fee simple and modification of existing leases a

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